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Experts in Farmland Development, Construction, and Property Consultancy

Welcome to HSS INFRA, your trusted partner in farmlands development, construction, and property consultancy based in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. With over 5 years of experience, we specialize in transforming uncultivated land into profitable farm/plot lands, offering clients the opportunity to earn amidst lush greens, away from city life. We are dedicated to helping customers secure a better future through smart investments in sustainable, environmentally friendly projects.

Years Of Experience
Farm Lands Development

Secure long-term returns with clear titles, 50-year linked documents, and customizable plot sizes. Benefit from crop profits, government incentives, and complimentary resort access.


Constructing residential, commercial, and farmland developments across Telangana, prioritizing environmental design and sustainable futures for vibrant communities.

Property Consultancy

Guiding clients through property decisions with expertise and care, ensuring optimal investments and seamless transactions for their real estate needs.

బంగారు భవిష్యత్తు కు శ్రీకారం, హరిత వనం తో
మీ అనుభందం, చిన్న మొత్తాలతో కొనే అవకాశం, చిరునవ్వులు అవుతాయి ఇక శాశ్వతం

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Versatile Property Solutions: From Plots to Villas, We've Got You Covered

Discover a diverse range of real estate options tailored to your needs. Whether it’s residential plots, commercial spaces, or luxurious villas, we offer comprehensive solutions for your property requirements.


Assisted in Navigating Plot Purchases & Investments

Our Ongoing Projects

Discover prime Farmland, Commercial, Residential, and Investment Properties with our expert consultancy services. Unlock profitable opportunities for your investments today!

Haritha Vanam 40+ Acres Mega Project

Welcome to Project Haritha Vanam, where your dreams of owning premium plots nestled near the highway and non-premium plots with rich soil come true. Spread across 40 acres of lush landscape, our project offers an array of plots ranging from 1 to 5+ Guntas, along with many more plot sizes, each promising a unique opportunity for investment and growth.

Project Highlights

  • Main entrance gate With Arch.
  • Each Plot 3,4,5 Guntas.
  • African Mahogany, Taiwan Pink Guava & Hybrid Coconut Plants.
  • Bore & Israil Drip Irrigation System.
  • Full of Electricity ( Separate Transformer).
  • 3 Years Free Maintenance By Company.
  • Total Revenue from each plot would be double of investment ( Current market Price).
  • Low Investment -High returns.
  • Rythu Bandhu Scheme can be Applicable.
  • 30 & 20 Internal Roads.
  • Round-the-clock security & CCTV Surveillance.
  • All round fencing.
  • Spot registration.
  • Clear Land Documentation with Legal Opinion (100% Clear Title)

Investing in land is
Investing in your future

What We Offer

Farm Land We're Offering


African Mahogany, an evergreen tree, is a forestry plant known for its eco-friendly properties. It helps balance oxygen levels by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Following soil tests and expert recommendations, we're introducing Taiwan Pink Guava as an intercrop to maximize revenue with minimal upkeep.


To ensure consistent income, we're planting Hybrid Coconut (JK 365) along the land boundaries, offering a lucrative opportunity with low maintenance.

Why Choose Us

As Your Real Estate Investment Partner?

Passionate about helping clients find perfect investment plots, we strive to make the buying and selling process stress-free. With us, you’re supported every step of the way.

1)The Registration Process is simple it's done by the owner.

2) Plot number is Mentioned on the sale deed Like DTCP & HMDA PLots

3) Hss Infra has started marketing after completing developments like road work, electricity & plantation.

4) 100% clear title (50 Years link documents)

5 )Bore & Israil drip irrigation system.

6) Name boards are installed at owners' plots post-registration. Plots feature boundary stones, plot numbers, electric poles, and transformers for convenience.

7) Mid term & Short term income from taiwan pink guava, hybrid coconut, african mahogany plants.

8, We cultivate intercrops such as tomatoes, chili peppers, and green leaf vegetables. Customers receive a share of the total income from these crops. Additionally, HSS provides Tulasi plants for each plot.

9, HSS shares income from plantation in a 30:70 ratio, with 30% for HSS and 70% for customers.

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What they say about us

AFRICAN MAHOGANY (Swetenia Macrophylla)

African Mahogany Farm Haritavanam

Features of Mahogany:

Low Maintenance: Requires minimal care from planting to harvesting.

Water Efficiency: Thrives with low water requirements and exhibits rapid growth.

High-Quality Wood: Produces genuine timber suitable for shipbuilding, crafting musical instruments, and making wooden staffs for touring.

Features of Mahogany:

Carbon Credit Eligibility: Qualifies for carbon credits after reaching 10 to 15 feet in height and an 8-inch trunk circumference within 3 years.

Sky Fruit Yield: Begins yielding sky fruits after 5 years, generating revenue of Rs. 350 per plant annually.


Pink Taiwan Guava Farm Haritavanam

Features of Taiwan Pink Guava:

High-Density Planting: Planting 400 saplings per acre.

Quick Fruiting: Starts fruiting within 9 months.

Regular Harvesting: Harvesting every 15 days.

Steady Revenue: Generates up to Rs. 1000 per plant annually.

Longevity: Thrives for up to 20 years, ensuring continuous yield.

Revenue of Taiwan Pink Guava:

Annual revenue of up to Rs. 1000 per plant.


Features of Hybrid Coconut (JK 365):

Boundary Plantation: Transplanting 150 saplings per 12-acre land boundary.

Fruiting Commencement: Begins fruiting after 30 months.

Revenue of Hybrid Coconut:

Profitable Returns: Yields revenue of up to Rs. 6000 per plant annually.